5 Reasons to Adopt a Business Blog to Market Your Small Business

In some cases, the business blog has been sacrificed in favor of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The business blog offers a lot of advantages, especially for the small and medium-sized business. Here’s 5 reasons your business should include a blog in its online marketing plan.

1) Blogs are maintained and updated easily and quickly. Unlike websites, which may require a webmaster and some time to be updated and maintained, blogs can be set up so posts and articles can be added easily and quickly.

2) Blogs can be flexible, fun and casual, allowing your business and your employees to show off their personalities. People like to do business with people, not corporations. Blogs should show off your business’ human side. People also like to do business with people they feel like they know. By using your blog to introduce you and your employees to potential customers, you’re making connections to customers.

3) Search engines love blogs. Because blogs are updated on a regular basis, search engines love them and index them more quickly than they index websites. Since customers may find your blog quicker than they find your website, link your blog to your website to drive customers there.

4) Blogs build credibility. Use your blog to show-off your expertise and knowledge and build credibility. Be sure to include information on your products and services that illustrates your expertise. Don’t forget to include industry news so visitors can see you’re knowledgeable not only about your own business but also about the industry as a whole. Also, include information about certifications, workshops and trainings your employees have completed to stay current in the industry. Again, this indicates your knowledge of the industry and builds your credibility with the client.

5) Blogs build trust. Customers need to trust you in order to buy from you. Blogs allow for interaction between business owner and customer. Comment sections allow customers to ask questions and give opinions. Business owners can take advantage of that feature and show off their customer service skills. They can respond to customer comments and questions. They can write a blog post and ask for customer feedback. The possibilities are endless. And, each possibility helps build trust with visitors.

A business blog can be an effective marketing tool that drives traffic to your website and customers to your door. Be sure to include it in your online marketing strategy.

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