6 Methods That Help Loosen Business Blog Content Writer’s Block

Are you stuck on what to write for your business blog content?

It happens to everyone. Sometimes that sweatshop in the back of the brain pops a gasket, throws some smoke and then grinds to a halt. Question is: How to you break through the associated writer’s block?

A business blog can generate a new level of Internet marketing performance. But it can also waste lots of your time on projects that fail to provide an efficient return on investment (ROI). If you can produce content that actually engages your audience and then moves them to respond to your products and services, the cost of blogging carries a worthwhile payback. But getting the right business blog content is not always easy.

Here are six methods that will help keep your business blog content on a prosperous performance platform.

1) Stay Current

If you are an information site, current news is the only important news. Unless crafting a new business press report, you must not mix sales with news. It tends to frustrate and anger your visitors. Stay current with the information and keep the ads controlled and limited.

However, if your site is selling products or services, readers may be dropping by for the purpose of catching a fresh deal that enhances the going price. Develop posts that promote current products, sale pricing and service deals. Your visitors are already showing an interest in your brand. Making them into a legitimate customer may be only a few steps distant. Business blog content that features a current deal, especially one that is exclusive to the blog, may provide the driving force for a new purchase.

2) Carry Breaking News

Your blog content should help visitors keep tack of big company news, news products and service updates. Some of your visitors have already invested in your brand. Now they want to know more about the company, current warranty details and what big things are on the horizon. An informative blog report helps existing customers feel confident in their purchase decision – especially if the purchase involved a big ticket item. When crafting your news content:

* Be thoughtful

* Be helpful

* Be open

* Give details

* Share specifics concerning repairs, comparisons and competitive pricing

* Provide full product and service updates.

Work to establish customer trust and don’t leave out the matters that only concern potential customers.

3) Be Relevant

We live in a get-it-quick society. No one lingers around on websites that ramble and waste reader time. Your business blog content is designed to build brand loyalty, but it can only do so by remaining relevant to current and future customer interests.

4) Be Original

Even while holding fast to materials that are relevant to your industry and your brand, blog content must contain original thoughts and expressions. Redundant article content bloats the Internet. Readers are searching for relevant information that accurately relays detail in an original format. A business blog should define your company as a leader in the industry, as a trustworthy company and as a company that sincerely seeks to provide customers with worthwhile information. Use your blog to build trust. It’s a strategy that never fails.

5) Contests

Unfortunately, Internet users have come to expect everything for free. It is not a reasonable expectation, yet it is a true expectation. Building contests and site give-aways will help your business blog attract new visitors. Websites that invest in free activities tend to see big jumps in overall traffic. Contests and give-aways invoke visitor interactivity, word-of-mouth promotion and visitor excitement.

Fortunately, the give-aways need not involve big-ticket items. They perform well even for basic products. For example: offering a free service package or generic gift card can be sufficient to reawaken a dead business blog. Consistency is the primary winner. Once you start a blog contest strategy, stick to it – and always deliver the goods.

6) Status Reports

Perhaps an open-books approach is a bit much, but simple success reports help build product confidence. You can even cut a few blogs that describe some of your failed efforts and the solutions such challenges are generating.

Posting status reports may not be a right fit for every company, but if you feel comfortable sharing certain bits of internal information, put it on the blog. Back it up with a few custom press releases.

Controlled transparency can help generate a sense of trust. People like to feel connected to the in-side scoop. By being transparent with the trials you face in product development and service delivery, your company can craft a dramatic story around your brand.

Readers will love it. People always enjoy rooting for the underdog. Involvement breeds excitement. Your customers have invested in seeing your brand succeed. If possible, find a place to add this voice to your business blog content, but only at a level of sharing that makes you comfortable.

It could win customers with a lifelong commitment to your company and brand name.

Action is the Final Word

Reading the above tips does little good if you file the data in a bulk text folder. Think about it for a moment. If you utilize these six tips, the opportunities for your business blog can be endless.

Begin today now. Start building a blog that generates customer loyalty. Make the dreams of other companies become your reality.

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